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All these International Companies, Governmental Agencies and individuals are happy customers just like this one!;

Worlds Loudest Car Stereo Champions;
2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and each and every year since 2000!

3M Philipines


Academy Awards Oscar's every single year since 2002

Adire Audio

Aeon Entertainment Group Japan

Alamodome Unite Festival Alamo Texas

Alex Sound Systems Berlin Germany

Alice Cooper

Alliant Techsystems Inc



ABC American Broadcasting Company

American Idol Television

Ares Rocketships

Armin Van Buuren DJ

Ascendant Audio SMD

ATK Aerospace

ATK Audiotech

ATK Orbital


B & C Speakers

Bankok Capella Hotel Thailand

Bar Menaka Nightclub Phnom Penh Vietnam

Bebe Rexha

Billboard Music Awards

Bloomfield Stadium Israel

Bob Marley Music Festival London U.K.


Bruel & Kjaer

Bruno Marrs Concert Touring System

Buddhist Darma Association (YBAT) Thailand

Cairo International Stadium Cairo Egypt

Cerwin Vega

Coachella Music Festival

Coal Drops Shopping Center London U.K.

C.E.S. Consumer Electronics Show 2004 Innovation Winner

Coachella Music Festival

Contract Fabrication & Design (USA Military)

Critical Mass

Crystal Mobilesound

Demi Lavado


Digital Designs

Directed Electronics

Doja Cat Concert Touring System

Dolby Atmos Multichannel Sound, South Korea Megabox Cinema

Dolby Atmos Shree Talkies Cinema India

Dynacon Explosives

Dyne Audio

Earthquake Sound

E.D.C. (Electric Daisy Carnival Rave)

Edwards Air Force Base Black Works


Emporium Music Festival The Netherlands

EMRTC(Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center New Mexico)


Enterprise Van Lines

Eon Clubplex Nightclub Mongolia

Federal Aviation Administration Stage III and Stage IV

Fi Audio

Ford Motor Company


Fury Audio

General Motors

Good Morning America Television

Grammy Awards USA

Grand Mercure Golden Emoire Hotels Myanmar

Harmon International

Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Hong Kong Nightclub Mexico

Huawei Telecom Philipines

Hyatt Bangkok Hotel Thailand

Iggy Azalea

iHEART Music Awards

Illinois Industrial Blower Inc.

Image Dynamics

J.B.L. Professional Neodynium Dual Gap Speaker

J.B.L. Professional 16000 watt VT4880 Concert Bass Bin 18" Dual Gap Speaker, 89mm excursion

J.B.L. Professional VTX Series

J.B.L. Professional D2 Series

J.B.L. Professional SRX Series

J.B.L. Professional Vertec Series

J.B.L. Neodymium 268G subwoofer

J.B.L. Professional 16000 watt VTX G28 Concert Bass Bin 18" Dual Gap Speaker, 89mm excursion

J.B.L. Professional 5628 Cinema Subwoofer 18" Dual Gap Speaker, 89mm excursion

J.B.L. Professional 2269H Ultra Long Excursion 18" "Differential Drive" woofers. This woofer features neodymium magnet, dual voice coils and dual gaps, JBL’s exclusive Vented Gap Cooling

J.B.L. the Academy Awards has chosen a JBL system for 14 consecutive years (2016).

J.B.L. Professional CMCD midrange speaker 1 watt at 107 db from 250 to 2200 + or - a half a db with 350 watt power handling , dual edge wound voice coils with differential drive neodymium magnet

J.B.L. Professional G28 Subwoofer

J.B.L. Professional B28 Subwoofer

J.B.L. Professional MD7 Subwoofer

J.B.L. STAGE 1010

J.B.L. S2 1024

Jiaxing Jinlida Electron Co., Ltd P.R. China

Jingdezhen Jincheng Electronics Industrial Company Ltd. P.R.China

Jessie J Concert Touring System

Justin Bieber Concert Touring System

JVC Japan Victrola Corporation


Khalid DJ

Kyle Hamilton Sound Engineer: Janet Jackson, Prince, Usher, Rianna, Kendric Lamar

Lang Lang Concert Pianist

Linkin Park Concert Touring System

Linq Promenade Las Vegas

Lockheed Martin

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Macao Gamedome Stadium Macao China

Maxell Aqua Amusement Park Japan

Meggitt Sensing Systems

Metallica Concert Touring System

Miss Universe Pageant

Monocor Loudspeakers

Monster Massive Rave Holloween (Los Angeles USA)

Moog (Space Shuttle and Titan III Rocketship Servo-Actuators)


MSNBC Television

MTV Music Awards


N.A.S.A. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

National Academy of Arts Pakistan

NBA National Basketball League

NBC National Broadcasting Company Televison

N.E.C. (National Electric Company)

New Mexico Tech Explosives Research Center

New Years Eve Time Square NYC NYC USA

New York Yankees NYC USA

Nocturnal Wonderland Rave (Los Angeles)

No Doubt Concert Touring System


One Direction Concert Touring System


Otis Elevator


Parklane Hotel Republic Of Cyprus

Pasquale on Prospect (playground of the world's famous and elite)

Patents: 5,119,431 and 5,748,760: 6,847,726 and 14 more in application

Patton Aircraft Services

Paulina Rubio Concert Touring System

Pioneer International

Pit Bull Concert Touring System


Precision Power

R.E.O. Speedwagon

Resonant Engineering

Rockford Fosgate

Ryman Auditorium Tennesee USA

Science Applications International Corporation, S.A.I.C.

Samsung KX London U.K.

Sandia National Laboratory

Shenzhen Baoan Fenda Industrial Group Ltd. P.R.China

Saigon South Marina Club Vietnam


Space Shuttle USA



Speaker Electronic (Jiashan) Company Ltd. P.R.China

Staten Island Mall NYC NYC USA

Superbowl XLIX -2015 FEB, ATK Audiotek

Swiss Audio

Taylor Swift Concert Touring System


Thailand Ministry Of Defence

Thiokol (Morton)

Thyssen Krupp

Today Show Television

Tottenham Stadium U.K.

Toyota Headquarters Thailand

Trace Atkins Concert Touring System

Ulsan Stadium South Korea

United Cinemas Australia

United States Air Force

United States Air Force Base Palmdale Plant 42

United States Department of Advanced Research Projects Administration

United States Department of Army

United States Department of Defense

United States Department of Energy

United States Navy

United States Pentagon

United States Federal Education Act and the State of California

Vans Shoes


Wanda Samsung Theaters Onyx Group (4600 Cinemas)

Watercube Beijing China


and hundreds more UNIVERSITY'S, STADIUMS, ARENAS and NIGHTCLUBS worldwide!