Our Patented Loudspeakers, the Worlds Best:

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These color photos show a cutaway of how the patented design looks. On the top you can see the 2 coils (BROWN color) in the 2 magnetic field gaps (painted BLUE), magnet(in RED), frame(in YELLOW) and cone (in BLACK on left).(Click photo for larger image)



THE MOST POWER; Our Patented technology creates loudspeakers

up to 40,000 WATTS(peak)
20,000 watts(1 second)
10,000 watts(3 seconds burp)
and up to 8 COILS each!
extremely high efficiency and electromotive force, BLi

Currently in worldwide use by the largest loudspeakers companies in the world as their "top of the line" model including; J.B.L., Cerwin Vega, Kenwood, Alpine, Rockford Fosgate and many more.

How does it work? Because until now all loudspeakers only use half of the energy of their magnets, either the north magnetic pole or the south magnetic pole. OUR revolutionary design has changed all that.

Our patent figured out a way to use ALL the magnetic energy, both the north and the south pole. It works by taking a normal old style speaker and cutting the voice coil hole all the way in through the back, then adding another voice coil. What you will have is a speaker with 2 voice coils and 2 magnetic gaps. One in the top plate gap (north magnet) and another coil and magnetic gap in the south magnet field. This radically multiplies the excursion amplitude(pumping distance), power, efficiency, cooling ability, and musical cleanliness of the loudspeaker. Their is really no comparison to normal speakers, other than in simple terms, in a side by side comparison the difference is about 5 to 9 times more sound output with our new style, using the equivilant size magnet and coil.

More photos below;

Great news:

Many benefits include;

Extreme cone Excursion, newer models have more than X-max of 54mm one way! This means the bass that hits your face. And superdeep flat to 10 hz or lower frequency response!

Extreme Efficiency of up to 70% broadband or 99% at resonance frequency.

Extreme BL Force factors up to 29.2 Tesla Meters times two = 58.4 Tesla Meters. This means its louder and pushes harder than any other loudspeaker for the same electric wattage input.

Extreme OHM load possibilities from 0.14 ohm to 64 ohm! Very convenient for the db or the sound quality competition. Helps get the absolute most available watts out of your amplifiers regardless of brand, or type.

Extreme Loud db levels, one 15" unit in 3 cubic ft. box, inside the box levels of at least 169 dB SPL at 5000 watts input.

Extremely Clean music reproduction, extremely fast transient response. Transition speed from say 10 hz to a 200 hz note is basically instantaneous, or a 200hz note to a 10 hz note, no time lag or sloppyness, truly awesome on bass or computer music CD's. And extremely low distortion. (finally, a loudspeaker that the computer analyzers, sound meters and human ears agree is superclean)

Available in 10, 12, 15, 18 inch standard. Any custom size and application is possible.

(Click photo for larger image)

below are 2 more examples dual gap dual coil speaker

below is our terrifing OCTACOIL (8 voice coils@ 0.65 ohms each. configuration is your choice, power handling over 20Kw+)

below a differential drive

below is the "bully" jbl G28

below a jbl fly array

below is our patented design in the Rockford Fosgate T19

What this design does is;

doubles the speaker force

triples power handling

multiplies sound power output by at least 4

more than triples heat dissipation

makes amplifiers very happy by reducing coil inductance, ohm load and creating a much higher electromagnetic coupled system(increases the magnetomotive force)

makes different OHM load combinations possible

drastically reduces magnetic field leakage and outrageously increases magnetic efficiency

increases excursion X-max (speaker pumping) potential by improving voice coil alignment because it uses 2 spiders spaced widely apart basically eliminating voice coil rubbing possibility and making it impossible for voice coil to "bottom out"

reduces harmonic distortion to almost zero

We also recone woofers and sell voicecoils or prototype parts and basshorns, just call or email for more info and pricing, +1 619 534 9710, or "help@makeitlouder.com"

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