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OSCILLOSCOPES let you see sound or electric waves.

Our NEW OSCILLOSCOPE makes measuring explosive shock waves and gunfire easy and accurate!

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Full number readouts: voltage max, rms, peak to peak, frequency, or no show number function, D.C. to 200 Khz

Time scales; 10 microsecond to 50 sec / Division (1-2-5 progressive manner)

Green Trigger light for your choice programmable voltage levels

Freeze hold function for screen views and number freeze also

Handy time delay 2 to 4 seconds for convienient 1 person measurement and testing with firearms

Voltage ranges; 10 mV to 5 Volts / Division (1x-2x-5x) progressive manner, 50 volts max with these probes

Comes with 110 volt wall plugin adaptor and is fully portable with 2 small 9 volt batteries will run for about 2 hours

Also comes with simple and clear operation manual so its easy and fast to learn

Extremely powerful and accurate, laboratory ready. Maintains N.I.S.T. accuracy (to within +-1% or +-0.3 dB, 12 Bit/1 Million samples per second)

With our high pressure 30 P.S.I. mic read from approximately lower limit 96 dB@0.3 hz (weather clouds/wind) to 186 dB (6 P.S.I.) shock waves, over 194 dB possible with different probe, sold separately. Shipped with standard BNC connector to alligator clips.

Super compact size 5.5 X 3 X 1 inch and about 5 ounces!

Only $79 U.S.D.