HYPERSOUND CORPORATION model: RTA Reference Laboratory Microphone
San Diego, CA
(619) 717-7235

RTA Reference Microphone

Compare against ANY sound level meter in the world!!! (at ANY price!)

This is a super high quality reference microphone. All it needs is an Oscillscope, Spectrum Analyzer or Computer. Comes with reference calibration level, owners manual and certificate, and Computer Software C.D. #1 and an audio test C.D.

Sound pressure level 24 to 127 db = SuperLoud
Frequency range 5(five) to 20,000 hertz, Calibrated at 10(ten) to 700hertz = SuperBass
Precision +-0.15 db @125 db = SuperQuality
Resolution +-0.1 db @30 db
Repeatability +-0.1 db @125 db
Accuracy calibration essentially flat+-0.15db = SuperAccurate
Sound pressure level calibration +-0.15 db typically
+-0.2 db maximum
Frequency Amplitude +-0.5 db (20 to 700 hz, 10hertz@+-1.5 db, usable to 5 hertz)
With Computer and Software #2 24 to 127 db = SuperWideRange!