It is a capacitance omnidirectional microphone.

We have also done world class home and nightclub audio video installations, so we are very familiar with various sound system testing procedures.

To use this microphone:

  1. put it on your dash, in your room or hand
  2. Connect to computer or mixer/ kareoke
  3. If your a singer or band, the microphone will work now
  4. get close to the target sound source or turn on your stereo
  5. note the frequency responce and decibel level
  6. write you data results for future reference

You can also just use the computer software program #1 that comes with it free. It will calculate the decibel level for you to an accuracy of 0.001 db, instantly!

It has built in electronic amplification and is powered by an ordinary 9 volt battery for better low level sound pressure readings and cleaner output.

Each microphone is hand calibrated on computer so each microphone gets a separate calibration number. We're convinced that you'll be a 100% satisfied and happy. We know you hate to guess. Stop the guessing, now you can find out for sure what your db and frequency level is, just like the pros at a fraction of the price!