R.T.A. Reference Calibrated Microphone
Sound Pressure Meter
Spectrum Analyzer

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Finally, a world class laboratory microphone + sound pressure level meter + Spectrum Analyzer combination that:

1. comes with a 100% money back guarantee

2. does not cost thousands of dollar'$

3. is easy to use

4. does not require complicated and expensive electronics to work.

5. does not not require or need equalizers, frequency filters or wieghting systems

6. does not use expensive and complicated wires or connectors to work. In fact if you wanted to, you could use ordinary speaker wire!

7. comes calibrated and with a calibration chart to N.I.S.T. , World Governments and International Standards

8. perfect for Singer's and Band's

9. can read those


cleanly with ease.(this meter is extremely sensitive and may go lower because it is only limited by your computer)

10.Handmade, to assure the highest quality...

It also comes with a sound pressure level decibel chart, for quick reference against all kinds of things like race cars, 40,000 watts of car stereo's, mosquitos, even bombs and volcanos!

We wish we could describe how quiet a sound this will measure. Sure some other meters are nice but you can not measure lower than 55 - 65 db with them until they are to weak to work, you could never hear a whisper or other really quite sounds. This one can, because our RTA microphone is 1000 times more sensitive then thiers. On the other extreme the loud extreme other companies usually calibrate at a weak 94 db at 1000 hz.,


Nobody else does...

As you can see this RTA Microphone has a very extreme range, from about

24db to 127db!

Thats over 103db of range!

It also goes super deep into the bass, you can measure on an oscilliscope or YOUR computer, see super low frequency door openings or closings at 4 to 8 hertz, or various nieghborhood sounds at 10 hertz.

It puts out electric MILLIvolts so it uses an ordinary music or microphone mixer, digital oscilliscope, spectrum analyzer or computer.

Look at the Extremely Low Noise Level Floor, that has been amplified about 30,000 times! So actual noise level is 44.9 decibels lower than the photos show. In fact this noise is from the computer. The microphone is quieter than the computer!

RTA Technical Performance Information
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Usage and How it Works
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Purchase Options
All RTA microphones come with individual calibration level, instruction manual, audio frequency test cd and computer software disk #1 (however, you need a computer for Spectrum Analyzer and Sound Meter).

Option #1R
RTA Microphone only (SINGERS and BANDS you must already own a music or microphone mixer or karaoke system)
now just $259 U.S. Dollars
pay at www.paypal.com to account: help@makeitlouder.com

Option #2R
Microphone only, then YOU get a portable spectrum or graphing multimeter like a "Velleman HPS 10"(Read dB directly from Meter)
now just $249 U.S. Dollars plus YOUR cost for a portable analyzer

Option #3R
RTA Microphone with Spectrum Analyzer and Sound Meter, Computer Software (#2). Computer required, and is NOT included. This is a Laboratory Grade System for an unbelievable price!
now just $394 U.S. Dollars
pay at www.paypal.com to account: help@makeitlouder.com

California Residents
Please add 8.25% State Sales Tax

Free shipping within the DOMESTIC United States of America.

30 day 100% Money back guarantee!

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